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New logo to mark a “new chapter” in the Attollo journey

March 5, 2020
New logo to mark a “new chapter” in the Attollo journey

New logo to mark a “new chapter” in the Attollo journey:

We’re delighted to share the new look of Attollo.

Since starting in 2017, Attollo has grown from strength to strength employing experts across the UK to successfully deliver numerous projects for national and international organisations.

As Attollo continues to grow, it now feels like the right time to have a modern new look and feel to support our next step in our journey. We’re excited to share our new logo design below. Starting today (05/03/2020) we’re leaving the old logo behind and moving forward with our new logo…

A Fresh New Look

The previous Attollo logo was in all capitals and felt as though it represented shouting and not reflective of our approach as a business. To avoid this potentially being a barrier to success, we have changed this to lowercase to show that we are an approachable company and want to start opening those important conversations with prospective customers.

At the heart of Attollo are the great people working hard to delight Attollo customers. We have worked hard to foster a culture of positive energy and caring about our clients and projects. We love getting involved and going above and beyond for our customers. That’s why it has been essential, moving forward, that we have a brand identity to fit this.

We have made the logo more inclusive of all employees in the organisation. The silhouette figure in the logo can now represent all users. This new look and feel will also be transferred to all Attollo documentation as we have changed the type font from Museo Sans to Montserrat as this give us a good range of weights to emphasise important messages and provide a seamless experience with our brand identity.

“As Attollo moves forwards, we felt it was important to create a brand identity that is reflective of our approachable company. We care deeply about our clients and love getting involved to get them over the line with their project. Our new brand identity is modern, positive and inclusive of all users.”

Sam Dolan – Co-founder of Attollo

If you have any questions, please contact us on info@thisisattollo.com

New logo to mark a “new chapter” in the Attollo journey:

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"The attractive design is a very positive feature of Attollo. It makes viewing content easy and clear. Rendering is quick and robust"

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